My name is not Tomoko

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internette-explorer asked: u have the residents and hello kitty swag, why u going on the internet and taggin that shit n makin me all jelly?


"it belongs to the devil, Buffy. It’s his night…”
Japanese Spitz + beets and blue food coloring.

“Because I am a man long ago forsaken by human beings,I live on earth, together with the hearts of dogs similarly abandoned.I will never wage war either for justice or against eviland I cowardly shut my eyes to love.I willingly laugh at obscenity and worry not a bit over misery,and live shitting and pissing everywhere.Because I am a man who long ago despaired of human beings, I live surrounded by trash, junk, things of no use, despising all utility.Being neither a merchant nor a salaried worker, nor a manufacturer, that is, not a fraud, not a liar, not a thief, just a ‘Nobody’, I hide among garbage and junk and such useless things and live as I like in a deserted house of the soul.”
- Toshio Nakae




I need to buy me some dental guards.

I’ve been reading my old magazine. And I watch so much make-up videos on youtube. It’s already March.